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PantheaCon: Initial Reflections

Each year I leave PantheaCon feeling deeply rejuvenated. Each year I leave with new ways to engage this beautiful community of people. In 2011 I was new to the Bay-area Pagan scene, at PCon I discovered the Earth-Medicine Alliance, and have been doing ritual on the land with them ever since. Last year’s Con brought connection with Pagan elders and academics – those interactions helped shape my dissertation and research interests. This year’s interactions are nudging me toward blogging.

There are a number of topics I’ll be reflecting on in the coming days and weeks:

  • Contemplative Paganism & Teo Bishop‘s work with the Solitary Druid Fellowship.
  • The need for an increased Pagan presence in chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and psychology.
  • Intra-religious dialogue & increased understanding of multifaith religious identities.
  • Pagan Liberation Theologies: thought forms that decolonize and transform.

On a personal level I’m coming away feeling refreshed spiritually and socially. I reconnected with a number of people from previous Cons, as well as friends from Naropa & the MDiv program. I’m a little nervous about beginning a blog, but on the whole feel pretty good about sticking my toe into the social media pond.


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